22/11/2011 08:56 GMT | Updated 25/11/2011 04:57 GMT

Xbox Players: Have You Been Hacked?

British Xbox gamers have had their private details hacked, according to a report in The Sun.

Gamers report figures of between £100 and £200 being stolen from their accounts.

The Sun says “thousands” of Xbox customers were targeted across 35 countries.

Organised phishing gangs were reported to have scammed gamers into sharing their personal details to conduct the theft.

The Sun says gamers received official-looking Microsoft emails to players, encouraging them to buy points from Microsoft that can be used in games.

In October, gaming forum Ars Technica wrote that gamers have been experiencing hacked Xbox Live accounts with lost points and activity focused around EA's series of FIFA games for months. It reports that Microsoft shut down suspect accounts for up to 25 days to investigate the attacks.

Call of Duty and Skyrim players were hit earlier this month when Valve, a distribution network for PC games, was targeted.

Earlier this year, PlayStation went bonkers when their gaming network was shut down for almost three weeks in April and May after the personal details of more than 70 million users were illegally accessed.

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