BBC Parliament Advert Ignores Ed Miliband But Gives Starring Role To Yvette Cooper

Does The BBC Know Something We Don't About The Labour Leader?

In a time of budget cuts has Auntie deliberately future-proofed their new advert for BBC Parliament?

Broadcast on the corporation's TV channels as well as posted online, the promotional video promises "gripping drama", "burning passion" and "compelling stories" in its coverage of Westminster, Holyrood and Cardiff.

But while David Cameron and Nick Clegg are given starring (and speaking) roles in the movie-style trailer, all we get to see of Ed Miliband is the back of his head.

The role of senior Westminster Labour politician is given to the current shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper, who is seen and heard leaning across the Despatch Box to berate the government.

The cynics among us at HuffPostUK wonder whether the BBC is betting Cooper will succeed Miliband as Labour leader sooner rather than later and does not want to have to re-shoot the film.


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