13/12/2011 07:25 GMT | Updated 13/12/2011 08:05 GMT

One Million Brits Do The 'Walk Of Shame' After Christmas Party

With the Christmas party season in full swing, more than one fifth of the UK will have their office festive shindig this week - and 15% will enjoy it so much, they won’t make it home afterwards.

A new study by and YouGov discovered that one too many glasses of fizz causes one in six Brits to do the ‘walk of shame’ the following day, with more than one million turning up to work the next day in their clothes from the night before.

The study also found that 750,000 sleepy Brits admitting to nodding off in the office after a night of partying with their colleagues.

And it's not the young co-workers who are the greatest dirty-stop-outs, it's the older indulgers.

Partygoers aged between 45 to 54-years old are twice as likely to not make it home and men over 45 are more likely to grab a night’s sleep in the office than their younger counterparts.

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And remember, if you are going to do the walk of shame, take heed from the Harvey Nichols Christmas TV advert (below) and do it in style...