14/12/2011 09:58 GMT | Updated 14/12/2011 10:04 GMT

LinkedIn Reveals 2011's Top 10 Most Overused Business Buzzwords

"Business speak" is a bugbear for pretty much everyone in the world, even those who don't spend their day-to-day lives "thinking outside of the box" or "executing actionable items".

Despite this, 2011 definitely wasn't the year where meaningless important-sounding corporate waffle stopped falling out of our mouths.

We know this for certain thanks to the official top ten business buzzwords used on social media website LinkedIn, all of which are displayed for you below, followed by their "translations".

  • 1. Creative = "Can think"
  • 2. Organisational = "Can organise"
  • 3. Effective = "Does things when asked"
  • 4. Extensive experience = "Has done some things at some point"
  • 5. Track record = "Has done some things at some point"
  • 6. Motivated = "Willing to do things (for money)"
  • 7. Innovative = "Can think"
  • 8. Problem solving = "Can think"
  • 9. Communication skills = "Can talk / write"
  • 10. Dynamic = Err... no idea

If you can offer any better translations for this mindless gibberish, feel free to give some suggestions in the comment box below.

Failing that, why not set up a "Jargon Jar" in your workplace and encourage your fellow employees to pop 50p into it every time they ask you to "loop them in" or "synergise creatively".

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