A good CV sets you apart from the rest when you're applying for a job and is single-handedly the most important thing that decides on whether you get a job interview. It's probably your most professional document and the only thing that a prospective employer can judge you on, so it needs to be right!
Getting a job in radio can be competitive, to put it mildly. Even so, it is possible to land yourself an interview if you know how to write a good cover letter. Here are some tips that will help you write a letter that grabs a recruiter's attention, and get your foot in the door.
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So alongside my wondering if I can include my new skills of being able to breastfeed whilst changing a pooey bum and being able to pick up teeny tiny pieces of plastic crap faster than the speed of light onto my "updated" CV, I've also had to draft a cover letter for said "updated" CV.
2. Make your LinkedIn profile look superb 85% of hiring managers look at LinkedIn profiles according to Viveca Von Rosen
If you're still really stuck, go out and do something that you can write about. I coached football through my DofE programme, which I used on my CV to show communication and leadership skills. Always remember that each skill you list should be backed up by a real life example of where you've demonstrated this, and then the world is your oyster.
Imagine that all important interview; you've graduated university with a 1st, spent your summer working hard to gather the relevant experience, and you've spent hours doing your research and brushing up on the job, the company and the industry. It's September and it's game time.
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What I love about improv is that it stimulate your thinking on your feet. It combines surprise and challenge and generates that wonderful experience you get from being in a choir or a sport team - or being in flow, as a team.