Video Editor Gen I Compiles Amazing Montage Of The Year In Film With 'Filmography 2011'

WATCH: Every Film In 2011... In Six Minutes

"The following is the recovered footage from 2011..." reads the title card of YouTube user genrocks latest supercut, "Filmography 2011".

The following six minutes are some of the most jaw-dropping currently available to view on the internet, snipping together a masterful collage of most of the year's cinematic releases, from moon-based found footage horror Apollo 18 through to Robert Pattinson vehicle Water For Elephants.

"Gen I", as he likes to call himself, describes his work as a "230-film retrospective that celebrates this year's movies and their amazing capacity to transport us through the boundaries of space, time, and identity."

Pretentious? Un petit peu. But when you're producing something this impressive - out of one of cinema's most terrible years, let's be honest - you can forgive him that.

For all the details on which songs he uses in the piece, and which films he's picked for the cut, head to his blog, where all is revealed.

This is the second year Gen has done this, with Filmography 2010 still available online for anyone who'd rather see the likes of True Grit and Up In The Air patched together seamlessly.

"Deserves to be the opener for the Oscars, once again," says YouTube commenter agnosticChurchworker. We agree, agnosticChurchworker. Very much so.


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