Jingle Cats Singing 'O Come All Ye Faithful' Is YouTube Hit In Run Up To Christmas

Jingle Cats Singing 'O Come All Ye Faithful'

Jingle cats singing O come all ye faithful is enough to leave even Christmas sourpusses feline festive.

It may not be breaking mews, but these musicats certainly impress: their timekeeping skills never miss a beat. Listen out for the Harmonicat, as he twangs out his tinny accompaniment.

It may be an old concept but Jingle cats continue to impress: this video has begun trending on YouTube as Christmas approaches. A new jingle cats single is on its way as well (see below)

The first jingle cats single was produced in December 1991. Since then the albums Meowy Christmas, Here Comes Santa Claws, the First Meowel and Rhythm and Mews have been released, milking the Christmas cats popularity.

Cat lovers will be happy to hear that all noises in this video were originally made by cats. The black cat is not actually playing the harmonica however.


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