Little Gossip Website Reported To Police For Allowing Children To Bully Each Other

Gossip Website Reported To Police For Allowing Children To Bully Each Other

A headteacher has asked the police to investigate a social networking site that he says allows children to anonymously bully their peers.

The 'Little Gossip' website allows people to post offensive comments about children, which users can then rate as true or false.

Andre Sohatski said pupils at Priory School in Dorking, Surrey, were suffering homophobic, racist and sexist abuse on the site and has called for it to be shut down. School children often use the website to comment on each others appearance, sex lives and drug habits.

Sohatski was made aware of the problem website by concerned students themselves: "a group of students came to us to say they had seen the website and thought it was offensive".

The posts on are so often obscene that 10% are reported by users for deletion.

Entries for The Priory C of E school included: "[Girl's name] needs to loose (sic) weight? True or false."

Some of the pupils were repeatedly targeted with dozens voting on rumours.

Emma-Jane Cross, chief executive of Beatbullying, said earlier this year: "To take down specific extreme comments is not enough as the site is still left to be abused, leaving further teachers and students victimised."

Fran Davey, youth intervention officer with Surrey Police, who is investigating the complaint from Sohatski, has written to schools asking them to be on alert and to spread the word to parents.

The site has been running since November last year and is based in the United States, making it more difficult for worried parents and teachers to take action.


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