Top 10 Books 2011: MPs Reveal Their Favourite Reads

How I Solved The Euro Crisis And More Fiction: Top Choices From MPs

Worried about what to get your MP for Christmas? Thought so. If you need that little bit of extra help, ComRes and Waterstones have released a survey of the top 10 political books chosen by MPs.

Those with particular political allegiances displayed penchants for different novels, with Liberal Democrat MPs plumping for the first fifty years of Private Eye as their top choice - and the Conservatives going for Claire Tomalin's Charles Dickens: A Life.

Labour members were happier to choose Chris Mullins' latest instalment of the former MP's diaries.

The silly answers? One Conservative wag said his top fictional choice was How I Solved the Euro Crisis by Angela Merkel.

See the top 10 choices for all three parties below.

And while ministers may worry about an encounter with Jeremy Paxman, parliamentarians seem happy to read his books, with Empire coming sixth in the ranks.

ComRes conducted a survey of 150 MPs between November 21 and December 14. Results are weighted to be representative of the whole House.


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