Alistair Darling

The prime minister's choice to run No.10 was Treasury official under Labour's Alistair Darling during 2008 banking crash.
The UK government may have to borrow £372.2bn this year. How the hell do we pay it back?
Former prime minister says party's only Scottish MP "gets it".
Former Labour chancellor says lack of clarity on second referendum saw party "taken to the cleaners" at European elections.
Immigration has become the decisive issue in the UK's EU referendum because the Remain campaign is failing to spell out the
A supporter of Scotland staying in the Union, I also want Britain to remain in Europe. Below are some of the lessons the
The Scottish Parliament at night. Photo Rob Bruce Why is the SNP riding so high in the polls? The next Holyrood election
A year to the day Scotland went to the polls to vote on whether to stay in on leave the United Kingdom. It was an extraordinary
The Bank of England congratulated itself on its handling of market turmoil during the early stages of the financial crisis
Britain's exit from the European Union may be "unstoppable", Alistair Darling has warned. The former Labour chancellor, who