X Factor Reject Frankie Cocozza Gets Michael Jackson Tattoo

That's Bad! X Factor Reject Frankie Cocozza Gets Michael Jackson Tattoo

X Factor drop-out Frankie Cocozza has paid tribute to the late king of pop, by getting a giant tattoo of Michael Jackson etched on his arm.

Emblazoned across his forearm, the inking features Jackson before his string of plastic surgeries.

The 18-year-old singer gave his Twitter followers a hint of his plans on the day, adding “Can’t wait to feel the pain tomorrow, I’ve missed getting myself inked.”

After posting pictures of himself in the tattoo artist’s chair, he declared the work “A tribute piece for the king himself.” Cocozza’s friend also posted pictures of his pal having his tattoo done.

It’s the latest spot of body art for Cocozza who already has the names of several female conquests tattooed across his buttocks and a quote from My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way on his arm.

Cocozza, who was kicked off X Factor over drug-taking allegations, is frequently spotted out partying with an array of female fans.

Earlier this week he became embroiled in a public row with Only Fools And Horses legend David Jason, who claimed suggested Cocozza would be dead by the age of 22 if he continues his hedonistic ways.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, David said: "When you see the kids on Britain's Got Talent or The X Factor who just want to be famous at all costs, you just go, 'God, these people just don't know what it is they're asking for.'

"I don't watch The X Factor any more. Why do I want to see someone say the same old thing - it's all they've ever dreamed about - then lose and burst into tears and go into neurosis? They just want to be famous - it doesn't matter how.

"Then you think of that plonker who got sacked. How old is he? 18? What, does he think, 'Yeah, I'm famous?' Christ. He'll be dead by the time he's 22, because he'll burn it all up."

However, Frankie didn't appear to take the criticism to heart, tweeting: "Bang out of order Trotter, I still adore Sir David though."

Cocozza was thrown off X Factor amid drug-taking allegations


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