29/12/2011 17:07 GMT | Updated 29/12/2011 17:16 GMT

Polar Bear Cubs Make Debut At Chinese Zoo (Video)

Twin baby polar bears are getting ready to make their public debut in a zoo in north east China. The two male cubs are around three-months-old and can be seen drinking milk from massive bottles and rolling around with adoring staff.

The twins are apparently doing well, and can nearly stand up unaided. They are now judged to be strong enough to be seen by visitors at the zoo.

Their grey paws clutch at the mat as they wriggle around, trying to gain their balance. Grizzling and playing with a ball, these are the second set of babies from the mother and father, who both came from a zoo in Finland.

However the bears aren't as cute as they look: apparently these cubs bite.

With rumours that cute polar bear Siku may be the "new Knut", a cub that provoked a media frenzy in Germany, it's time to brush up your polar bear knowledge. Here are some facts:

  • Polar bear's skin is actually black
  • Polar bears dont drink water: they get all their liquid from the animals they eat
  • Even the bottom of a polar bears paws are covered in fur.
  • Polar bear fur is so effective that they tend to overheat rather than ever be cold.
  • The Inuit word for a polar bear is nanook
  • About 500 polar bears are killed by humans a year.