10/01/2012 09:25 GMT | Updated 11/03/2012 05:12 GMT

Steven Spielberg's Personal Reasons For Looking Back On History In 'War Horse'

Steven Spielberg was inspired to make his wartime drama War Horse to ensure veterans' service "will never be forgotten".

The director's latest movie tells the story of a young soldier trying to track down his beloved horse after it was sold to the cavalry in World War I.

Spielberg developed the film to honour his father Arnold, who operated radios on planes in World War II, and to teach younger audiences more about the past.

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He tells The Sun: "My father is turning 95 this year and is a veteran of World War II... He served in Karachi on the China-Burma-India campaign. He was part of the 490th bomb squadron, the Burma bridge busters.

"He was a communications sergeant for the entire wing, in charge of communications between ground and air, and flew some sorties... I have been going to reunions and meeting all the veterans he served with.

"I make my movies about war so that their contributions will never be forgotten...

"We live in an age where there is almost too much communication flying at us from all directions. Nobody seems to look back anymore.

"That's why I make so many films about history."