World War II

Record-high temperatures across Europe have exacerbated regional droughts so heavily that dozens of German warships from World War II resurfaced in Serbia.
More than 2,500 properties, many of them student flats, have been evacuated around the site of the discovery.
Friedrich Karl Berger helped guard prisoners during a forcible evacuation to Neuengamme in a trip which claimed the lives of 70 people.
Today marks 75 years since the formal acceptance by the Allies of Nazi Germany’s surrender.
BBC Two retells how around 300 child survivors of the Nazi regime were brought to Lake Windermere in Britain after the Second World War.
"Pretty fucking bold statement from a guy who didn’t help us in Vietnam."
The US military has dug up a farmer’s field in Essex. They’re searching for the remains of a Second World War airman, who has been unaccounted for since his aircraft crash-landed on June 4, 1944. His mission was to bomb a bridge in Nazi-occupied France.
Two million people of colour like Walter Tull fought for Britain in two world wars, often against their will. Their sacrifice deserves to be remembered with dignity, writes author Lola Jaye
Two veterans marked the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings by taking part in a parachute jump. 95-year-old Harry Read and 94-year-old John Hutton flew over the English Channel and landed in Normandy, recreating their actions during the beach landings of June 6, 1944.
It’s been seventy-five years since the D-Day landings, where the allied forces of British, Canadian and American forces beat the Germans in World War II.