The huge fire was caused by an exploding gas stove as the train was on the way from Karachi to Rawalpindi. People jumped from the train before it was forced to stop as it approached the town of Liaquatpur in Punjab.
PESHAWAR/KARACHI -- Twin blasts tore through a market crowded with Eid shoppers in a mainly Shia town, a suicide bomber blew
February 21st 1952, Dhaka. The fallen bodies of students and teachers lie scattered amid a campus-turned-battlefield, as
The reality is that Pakistan has become a basket case and has always teetered on being a failed state.
On a world globe if you trace your finger due south from Gwadar, the port on Makran coast in Pakistan's far west, it ends
Think you’ve got a weird job? You’ve got nothing on this guy. Murad Ali makes a living by posing as a mythical half-fox half
Every day, Zahir braves the bedlam of Karachi's bustling streets, driving one of the city's iconic technicolour busses bedecked with peacocks and Urdu scrawlings. His concerns about the country he's living in and what can be done to fix it are among those told by Asad Anees of the University of Karachi...
UPDATE: According to AP, at least 13 people have been killed in the attack. Gunmen have launched an attack on Karachi's international
Altaf Hussain, the leader of Pakistan’s hugely powerful Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), has been arrested in London on allegations
And Here Are The MOST Expensive Cities In The World To Live In... The Indian city of Mumbai has been named the least expensive