Ken Livingstone Supports Ministry Of Sound As Campaign Calls On Boris To Save Under-Threat Club

Boogie On Down Boris? Or Not, Apparently

Ken Livingstone has thrown his support behind the Ministry Of Sound's campaign to save the superclub, which could be affected by a proposed housing development being looked at by Boris Johnson.

The London mayor is examining an application - rejected by the south London night spot's local council - to build luxury flats near the super club. The plans were 'called in' by the mayor after being rejected by local councillors.

Johnson will make a decision in March. The Ministry of Sound are concerned as Johnson has only used his powers to call in planning applications only four times since he has been mayor.

CEO of Ministry Of Sound, Lohan Presencer, said that Johnson could sign the nightclub's "death warrant".

"If he does, he alienates our tens of thousands of supporters in the process. Does Boris really want to lose that many votes in an election year?”

In a letter to the CEO of the company, Livingstone wrote: "Ministry of Sound is a great global success story. Its profile is good news for London and its vital music scene. Ministry of Sound is known the world over, and helps present a modern and exciting global image of our city, which is vital to attract tourism, business, and study in London."

Judge Jules, world famous dance DJ and presenter on BBC Radio 1, called on Boris to celebrate the night club: “The Mayor should be celebrating Ministry of Sound as one of London’s greatest global success stories, not kicking the club and its millions of fans in the teeth. Do the right thing Boris – please don’t stop the music.”


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