Chinese Father Forces Tearful Son To Run In Snow Dressed Only In Underwear (VIDEO)

'Please Give Me A Hug!' Tearful Chinese Boy, 4, Begs For Comfort As Parents Force Him To Run In The Snow

A ‘home movie’ of a four-year-old Chinese boy being forced by his parents to run almost naked in the snow has sparked outrage.

Filmed in New York, the little boy is forced to perform push-ups in the snow with tears streaming down his face as he begs his father for a hug.

The clip was taken on Chinese New Year, when temperatures were dipping to -13C.

A passer-by dressed in a heavy coat struggles past in the background – testament to the bitterly cold conditions.

Responses to the video have branded the father “cruel”, “ignorant” and even “inhuman”.

“Poor little baby crying and begging…and mom and dad laughing. May God forgive them”, wrote thecatlands.

But Chsieh099 said: “The father is only pushing his so to where there are goals set for him. Sure it’s tough for the kid not but in the future the kid will be happy toughened up. This is why China is doing so much better than the US. We push our kids because we know their potential. In America however many kids experience no exercise.”

Clearly distressed, the little boy begs his father for a hug

The father, whose surname is He, has been given the nickname ‘Eagle Dad’, in reference to the ‘Tiger Mum’ controversy sparked by the benefits of tough parenting, as embraced in China.

Mr He’s personal assistant told AFP: “The child agreed and before the run, he did half an hour of slow running to warm up.

“This child has received all sorts of forms of training since he was small. When he was one, he started swimming in water that was 21C.”

The little boy, since identified as Ho Yide, was apparently born prematurely with health problems including water on the brain, the Telegraph reported.

“But now he has no problems”, the PA added.


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