13/02/2012 11:10 GMT

Pictures Of The Day: Kisses, Kitsch And Rose Petals

Though Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching, London Dungeon's new attraction may put you off the idea of kissing for a while. For only 50p Pretty Polly the Plague Victim - complete with sores and boils - will plant a smacker on your cheek. Well as they say, in sickness and in health...

Meanwhile in India, artist Harwinder Singh Gill's sculpture of two hearts - painstakingly made from over 550 buttons - is compellingly kitsch, and in Edinburgh even the leafcutter ants of the zoo are celebrating St Valentine, having been given rose petals as a treat.

Elsewhere, goodwill wasn't so easy to come by. A photo from a burned out building in the northern city of Tripoli in Lebanon shows the country's fragile social fabric is under threat as clashes between pro- and anti-Syria factions left at least a dozen people wounded. Meanwhile, in Greece violent protests broke out after new austerity measures were approved by the Government.

In the UK Nick Clegg was out and about drumming-up support for the Government's initiative to tackle youth unemployment, while Jensen the False Map turtle, originally from the Mississippi River, got used to his new home in the Blackpool Sea Life Centre.