BBC Breakfast Presenter Simon McCoy Caught Sleeping On His Desk

Earlier this week, US political journalist Doug Luzader was caught 'sleeping' on the air. This morning, it's BBC Breakfast's Simon McCoy's turn to be spotted having 40 winks on the job.

It all happened at 8.27 this morning, when McCoy and his co-anchor Martine Croxall were cut to by the camera a little earlier than expected after another interview elsewhere in the studio.

As you might expect, Twitter was quick to point and laugh at Mr. McCoy, with a couple more inquisitive tweeters contacting the man himself via his own account.

@KevinTheHack I was not asleep!Had just been told The Queen wanted me to cover her NEXT visit...

— Simon McCoy (@simonmccoy) March 9, 2012

@KevinTheHack It was a long desk head-banging that wasn't meant to be picked up in the BBC1 opt!!

— Simon McCoy (@simonmccoy) March 9, 2012

We must say, we feel bad for the guy - getting up so early every morning has to take its toll, one way or another. At least he didn't commit blunders as bad as these unprofessional and highly not suitable for work so-and-sos...