simon mccoy

Piers branded the former GB News anchor "bitter" before blocking him completely.
The former BBC News star has said they're planning to "celebrate in the spring, when it's safe to share a party".
Simon McCoy and Gloria De Piero are among the GB News hosts whose shows apparently pulled in no viewers at all this week.
After a launch week involving Ofcom complaints, technical blunders and embarrassing pranks, the former BBC News star has spoken out.
The presenters failed to pick up on the prank. Twitter did not.
Bosses have previously insisted that GB News would be "committed to impartial journalism".
The long-serving presenter has stepped down from BBC News after almost 18 years.
His often wry takes on world events have been known to end up making the news themselves.
The presenter is leaving the Beeb after 18 years. We're really going to miss his unique take on world events.