GB News Hilariously Trolled Live On Air After Falling For The Oldest Trick In The Book

The presenters failed to pick up on the prank. Twitter did not.

GB News has only been on the air for three days but it’s certainly been a memorable launch – just probably not for the right reasons.

Dodgy lighting and sound plagued the channel’s debut on Sunday, and on Wednesday, several big brands, including Ikea, started pulling their ads.

But now the channel has been well and truly played by some mischievous viewers who managed to trick two of its presenters with some pranks that are so old-school that even Bart Simpson can say “been there, done that”.

The “anti-woke” news channel regularly features calls from viewers, and while there will definitely be some genuine people called Mike Hunt and Mike Oxlong out there (Clue: say the names out loud), the chances of them both calling in within the space of a few hours of each other raised many an eyebrow.

Except the eyebrows belonging to presenters Michelle Dewberry and Simon McCoy.

Former Apprentice winner Michelle was presenting a segment titled “What Matters To You?” on Tuesday when a man supposedly named Mike Hunt contacted the studio.

And just a few hours later, during a discussion about children’s diets on Simon and Alexandra Phillip’s show, Alex read out a note from viewer Mike Oxlong.

Although none of the presenters cottoned on, the names did not go unnoticed by a very amused Twitter – so much so that “Mike Hunt” began trending...


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