A quick sleep during the day can bring a much-needed energy boost. Here’s the science behind a good snooze.
Afternoon naps for kids are game-changers – so I want one too.
Because scientists are heroes, they have worked out that taking more naps actually makes us happier (and it isn’t just because
Taking a nap in the middle of the day has many benefits. I have posted here about some of those benefits and about some of the famous people who napped. Now we also have specific evidence that it has significant health benefits, thanks to a recent study by the European Society for Cardiology.
Churchill and JFK probably didn't know much about sleep science; they just did what they knew worked for them. We're not all national leaders, so we might face resistance from colleagues. The solution: work for an enlightened employer - or for yourself - then find for yourself the benefits of an afternoon nap.
They don't call it a power nap for nothing... Something as simple as a 30-minute snooze could help alleviate stress and boost
Do you think taking a nap is for lazy people? Or for summer holidays under the sun? You couldn't be more wrong. Recent studies show that napping increases your ability to think, decreases the risk of dying from a heart attack and boosts your performance by 34%.
Offices where napping is an encouraged art form are few and far between, but HuffPost is no ordinary office. Ever since we
I used to think naps were either for the elderly or students but actually, they are a really savvy way of boosting creativity into your day. Plus, it makes sense that only short naps have positive benefits because humans are monophasic (we sleep once a day unlike most animals who sleep several times a day).