23/03/2012 09:09 GMT | Updated 23/05/2012 06:12 BST

Nasa Photos Of The Week, Mars Rover, Solar Flares, Spider Web Of Stars

New photos in from Nasa this week track the ongoing solar flares, show Orion as you've never seen it before and a self-portait of the Mars Rover.

Nasa's Mars exploration rover, Opportunity, took a shot of itself showing how dust accumulates on the rover's solar panels.

The rover, now in its fifth winter on the red planet, is powered solely by the panels. Since the dust limits the rover's power supply, it has to wait out the winter, or take advantage of gusts of wind to clean the panels.

The sun's solar flares captured everyone's imagination when they, well, flared recently causing an electromagnetic storm and displaying an odd triangular black shape.

The attractive green hue shown in the shot in the gallery below was captured in the 131 Angstrom teal wavelength, which is useful for scientists trying to define solar flares.

You may be used to gazing at Orion from your yard at night, but you've never seen the constellation like this before. The rainbow image of the Orion nebula shows new stars hidden in the gas and clouds. The romantic image was created by Nasa's Spitzer space telescope and the European Space Agency's herschel mission.

Now you can see what Nasa have been watching this week, will you be star-gazing this weekend?