25/04/2012 06:36 BST

'Jumbo' Elephant Tramples Zookeeper To Death

An elephant kept in Franklin Zoo, New Zealand, has trampled a zookeeper to death in its enclosure.

The tragic incident took place on Wednesday at the zoo in Tuakau when the African elephant, known as Jumbo, killed one of the zoo's female employees. The woman has not yet been named.

It is not yet known if anyone else was present at the time of the accident, so the exact cause of death and the sequence of events leading to the killing have not been established by police.

The police were called in to the zoo, where the elephant has lived for approximately four years after being retired from decades of circus performing, after the woman was found in the elephant's enclosure.

African elephants are one of the world's largest land animals and can live for around 70 years, requiring roughly 300 pounds of food a day.