26/04/2012 10:40 BST

Vince Cable Arms Industry Speech Hit By Protest (VIDEO)

A video purported to show a protestor heckling Vince Cable during his speech to the arms industry has been posted online.

The video uploaded to YouTube by the Campaign Against Arms Trade, shows Sam Walton, 26, interrupting a UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation event on Thursday morning.

"You're wasting trillions of pounds money," he shouted after Cable had barely gotten a word out. "There's a job centre in Brixton and you need to get down there as soon as you can."

"You are making the world a worse place," he yelled as he was bustled from the stage by security guards. "You're ruining, you're ruining the world."

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Walton said he was motivated to jump on the stage as he was so angered by what was being said by the speakers.

"There wasn't any connection to what these arms do to people, the arms trade is at the core of development issues, aid issues, war, conflict, rape, it's at the core of so many bad things," he said. "But it's being regarded in purely in economic terms."

Walton said he had not planned to stage a protest but added: "The UK is shamelessly pushing arms exports at the expense of human rights, it is a problem and we had to highlight it."