27/04/2012 12:43 BST

Taxi Firm Addison Lee Loses Its Government Contract

Minicab company Addison Lee, which urged its drivers to use bus lanes, has lost its government contract, it was announced on Friday.

Due to expire next Monday, the contract was with the Department for Work and Pensions but covered use by a number of Whitehall departments.

Earlier this month the company offered to pay for fines if its drivers used bus lanes in London and claimed cyclists injured on London roads are to blame for their own accidents.

On Thursday, after a High Court application by Transport for London, Addison Lee was instructed not to repeat the offer to pay fines or to encourage drivers to use bus lanes.

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On Friday, the government said the Addison Lee contract would not be renewed. A further statement from the government is expected later.

A Cabinet Office spokesman said: "The only existing cross-government contract with Addison Lee will expire at the end of this month and is not being renewed. The contract has come to its natural end.

"Departments are using taxis less and reducing travel expenditure, which means we no longer need this type of contract."

In an exclusive blog for the Huffington Post UK last week, Griffin said he stood by his comments on cycling.

"In the article [in AddLib], I argue for compulsory training and insurance for London's bicycle owners and I stand by my contention," Griffin said.

Griffin goes on to say that all Londoners have had to "take evasive action as these kinds of cyclists tear through red lights, without a thought for their, or anyone else's, safety".

In the blog, Griffin reveals that is a cyclist himself, a regular user of the 'Boris Bikes', and concludes by saying that "cycling is a deadly serious issue and lives are at stake."