department for work and pensions

"Oh wow I’m sure a letter to mums will suddenly make childcare affordable," one critic said.
The work and pensions secretary branded the suggestion 'ridiculous' in a bizarre spat with Neil Coyle.
MPs heard from five people who said ending the uplift would mean tough choices over whether they put the heating on or food on the table.
The number of children living in relative poverty was at a record high in the months before Covid hit Britain, figures have revealed.
DWP says resources were "reallocated" into tackling Covid after internal review was ordered in 2018.
One woman was left with just 9p after the benefit system swallowed half of her redundancy payout.
Survey by Gingerbread and Mumsnet also reveals 86% believe DWP agency failures allowed their ex to “financially control or abuse them”.
Last-ditch plea comes amid fresh claims that welfare system unprepared for spike in joblessness
A new study reveals a majority of jobcentre staff fear the lack of safeguards in the workplace could put them in "serious or imminent danger".
BBC claims an ex-aide took an overdose after being victimised by the then employment minister.