department for work and pensions

BBC claims an ex-aide took an overdose after being victimised by the then employment minister.
Government is investigating but watchdog calls it "highly unlikely" true scale of tragedy is clear.
Flagship welfare reform is now not expected to be fully introduced until September 2024.
"It is absolutely disgraceful that dying people are treated this way.”
Adverts claimed to “set the record straight” on the benefit - but Advertising Standards Agency said they "did not accurately reflect the evidence”.
"The thought of going into debt and having no money is really frightening. I have children, I can't do that. I will sell my body... there are a lot of girls out there just like me."
David Mackereth's views are "incompatible with human dignity and conflict with the fundamental rights of others", tribunal finds.
The 'work you can do' page also listed astrologer in a list of possible occupations for people in search of work.
Claims that people moving to the new benefits system would not lose out were false, influential committee finds.
A benefits claimant with mental health problems has won his argument in the first case of its kind in Supreme Court.