LOLgate: Rebekah Brooks' Revelations Over David Cameron's LOL Texts Spark Twitter Storm

LOL: What Other Terms Doesn't Cameron Know?

Rebekah Brooks' revelation that David Cameron used to sign off his text messages to her 'LOL', believing it meant "lots of love" has sparked a storm online.

The former News International chief executive told the Leveson inquiry on Friday the prime minister stopped used the acronym after she explained to him the real meaning (laugh out loud).

Within seconds Twitter was awash with suggestions for Cameron's interpretation of other popular abbreviations.

Some joked at Cameron's privileged upbringing.

Others guessed at what Cameron's view of the Leveson inquiry will be after today.

Plenty were mocking of the prime minister's relationship with Rupert Murdoch.

Some ridiculed Cameron's relationship with Nick Clegg.

Inevitably, Horsegate was resurrected.

Whilst others took a more serious tone.


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