leveson inquiry

Open letter to PM and all MPs published on HuffPost UK
We and the public were promised Leveson Part Two as a means of uncovering the full scale of systematic wrongdoing
I was born me, I still am me. The only change was no longer having to pretend - or try to pretend - to be male to please others. The only change was finding freedom and wanting to live. I never changed sex I found a way to speak truth out loud.
Six years ago, the phone hacking scandal engulfed Britain’s most notorious newspaper. The final edition of the News Of The
With the hollowing out and decline of traditional news outlets, and weaponised misinformation and fake news causing havoc during the Brexit referendum and election of Donald Trump, every citizen will have to step up to fight the post truth authoritarian world in which will to power and propaganda trumps informed debate and evidence. We can't all become citizen journalists, but we're all going to have to become citizen editors and community fact checkers.
The five things you need to know on Thursday, February 23… 1) NOT-SO-SUPER THURSDAY The Washington Post has a punchy new