People Who Study Most, Live Longer Claims Study

Do Educated People Live Longer?

If you struggle to lose yourself in your studies, this might help motivate you – people who are more educated ‘live longer’ claim a team of Swedish researchers.

According to scientists from the Centre of Health Equity Studies and the Swedish Institute for Social Research, people who are educated for at least nine years have a lower mortality rate after the age of 40 than those who study for eight years or less.

The research, based on the study results of 1.2 million Swedish people, found a link between education and life expectancy. They discovered that those exposed to an additional year of education adopted a more positive outlook on life during their ninth year of education, meaning they were more likely to look after their health and wellbeing.

“If your life is a little better, you take a little better care of yourself,” explains lead researcher Anton Lager in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, as reported by HealthDay.

“If you make a little more income, have a job with a little more flexibility, more control of time, then maybe you use less tobacco and alcohol," says Lager.

The researchers looked at data from 1949 to 2007, and discovered that people who received nine years of education as opposed to eight years and under, were less likely to die from all types of cancer (particularly lung cancer) and accidents.

Women with nine years of education behind them were less likely to die from heart disease.

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