Nation Shocked To Discover That Ant And Dec Have Opinions

Ant And Dec Have Opinions, Nation In Shock

People across Britain have been left reeling after cheeky TV favourites Ant and Dec expressed an opinion.

During the BBC's flagship political debate programme Question Time on 17 May, they took part in Twitter's popular #bbcqt 'hashtag game' and tweeted the following:

"I had no idea Ant & Dec could think," tweeted @leftiststatistbbc. "I honestly thought they were just hollowed-out shells."

"Britain's Got Talent, now Ant and Dec have got brains?!?! This has literally rocked my world!!!" tweeted @constantlyshocked.

It is believed to be the first time that either of the presenters has expressed an opinion since Ant told the costume department on Byker Grove that he didn't want to wear quite so many baseball caps.

When asked about Ant and Dec's seemingly anti-Conservative stance, a spokesman for the duo said: "That tweet came from Ant. He's always the one on the left."


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