Newcastle Teenager Suspended After He Laces School Brownies With Cannabis

A teenager who laced chocolate brownies he made in a home economics lesson with cannabis has been expelled after the prank landed him and four other pupils in hospital.

The 14-year-old took the class B drug into All Saints College in West Denton, Newcastle, then added it to his cake mix.

He shared the brownies with four classmates from Year 9, and another was thought to have joined in but was later found not to have tasted them.

When the teacher realised what had happened, paramedics and the police were called, and the pupils were taken to hospital.

All were found not to have suffered any ill-effects and were discharged later.

The pupil responsible for making the cannabis cakes was arrested and bailed by Northumbria Police.

He was expelled by the school following the incident last week.

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: "At 10.32am on Friday 18 May police received information that a student had taken cannabis into a class at All Saints College on West Denton Way.

"Six children were initially thought to have been affected and were taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary as a precaution before being discharged the same day.

"A 14-year-old boy was arrested in connection with the incident and has been bailed."

The four pupils who ate the brownies have been suspended.

The father of one of them said his son did not believe the prankster when he told them he had laced the brownies with cannabis.

The parent, who was not named, told the Evening Chronicle newspaper: "“I was angry at first but my son swears this student told the rest of them what he had done but they didn’t believe him and ate it thinking he was joking.

“The police immediately began an investigation and interviewed all six of the boys and discovered one hadn’t eaten the cakes.”

The father, who was concerned about his son's suspension, rushed to hospital after hearing what happened and said the pupils were "a bit light-headed", but otherwise fine.

A spokesman for the college said: "We can confirm that a Year 9 pupil brought some cannabis into a cookery lesson and shared it with four other pupils after adding it to some chocolate brownies.

"As soon as it became apparent what was going on we immediately rang both the police and paramedics as a precaution.

"The pupil who brought the drugs was arrested and has now been permanently removed from school, while the other four have also been suspended.

"We take incidents such as this very seriously."