Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Rewards 3 Millionth Twitter Follower With A House

A 19-year-old Venezuelan girl has been given a free house by President Hugo Chavez, just for becoming his 3 millionth twitter follower.

AP reports that after receiving her new home on Thursday, Natalia Valdivieso, who lives on Margarita Island, used twitter to thank and heap praise on Chavez.

Valdivieso wrote: "Thank you my home is very beautiful," later saying that Chavez was the "the best president" and that on Thursday morning she "woke up knowing that is the happiest day of my life!".

Hugo Chavez awarded his 3 millionth twitter follower with a new house

Gustavo Coronel, a critic of Chavez's government said that it was "intolerable" to reward one person in such a way using government money.

"It's about shamelessly giving charity to those who follow him," Coronel wrote.

Venezuelan satirical website El Chiguire Bipolar highlighted the poor plight of Chavez's other 2,999,999 followers.

"Millions of the president's followers complained at having received nothing," it said.