Famous Writers' Retreats: The Rooms Where Classics Were Created

Does your favourite novel mean more because of the environment in which it was created?

Scholars of great writers point to the historical context of their work, the external factors that shaped their themes, but what about the very space around them, what they happened to gaze out at as they paused their fingers to think?

We've searched all over the world (from the comfort of our own, non-writerly desks) to find the nooks and crannies famous authors used to write their much-loved novels.

From rotating summer houses to weather-exposed, shambolic huts, these places were ones of inspiration and refuge for those who inhabited them.

It's got us thinking about where our dream writing hut would be... what would be a must-have in yours?

If we've missed off the idyllic location where your favourite book was created, let us know.

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