20/06/2012 13:20 BST | Updated 20/06/2012 13:30 BST

Electrifying Architecture: 'Lands Of Giants' Project Redesigns Pylons

On the list of necessary eyesores, electricity pylons would be pretty high up there: they might be powering the country, but they tend to spoil the scenery a little in doing so.

Which is why inventive architects Choi + Shine have taken these brutish pieces of infrastructure and redesigned them into something far more fun - power giants.

Jin Choi, born in South Korea and Thomas Shine, from the UK, both obtained Masters in Architecture from Yale University.

giants pylons

Would you like to see these in British fields?

Inspired by road trips between Montreal and Boston, Choi imagined the pylons as "giants marching towards towards the city". Her idea realised itself on paper when the opportunity of a design competition arose.

Since the release of the design, which Choi and Shine call Land of Giants, enquiries have flooded in from power companies throughout Europe, South America, the US, Australia and the Middle East, with Iceland the country most likely to witness the first real life The Land of Giants pylons.

Meanwhile, the study models are now housed in the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology, and there are plans on the horizon for the Giants to be built as part of a French culture biennial next year.

And the creative pair don't intend to stop at pylons - they've got plans to give a dramatic overhaul to wind turbines, road signs, foot bridges and traffic signals in the future.

Bring on the giants, we say.

How the Giants would look:

Power Giants