We have got used to women picking up the pieces for our failing social infrastructure, writes Women's Budget Group director Mary-Ann Stephenson.
Boris Johnson has granted China-based tech giant Huawei to use the UK’s 5G phone network. Even after American pressure on the UK to block them from the UK’s infrastructure, claiming we could be vulnerable to Chinese state surveillance.
The people living in an area have a better idea about what their towns and cities need, so it makes sense to let them be the decision makers
It's been 42 years of struggle in education since the youth of '76, and nothing's changed. It's time for some action.
It’s time to ditch the white elephants like HS2 and invest in cleaner, better public transport for everyone
'What's required is a comprehensive approach that deals with various elements of the local-government system.'
Not only are all the basics available, but many airports now boast substantial facilities, from restaurants and spas, to swimming pools and lounges that could rival five-star hotels. In fact, airports have in many ways become microcosms of the modern cities they otherwise serve. They also face similar challenges, and need to address these to best serve their "citizens."
Lack of access to facilities such as post-harvest, storage and processing facilities constitute barriers to entry into agricultural markets.
Africa is growing 7-10 times faster than any other continent in the world and with that comes an increased need for foreign investment. China is Africa's biggest single trading partner and is now the largest lending country to infrastructure projects on the continent. In 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged $60 billion in loans and aid to Africa and as of September 2016, Chinese companies have invested $56 billion into construction and infrastructure projects alone around the continent.