Femfresh Face Social Media Backlash For Avoiding The Word 'Vagina'

What A Froo Froo! Femfresh Under Fire For Avoiding Using Word 'Vagina'

Femfresh were the target of a large social media backlash on Thursday over their decision not to use the word 'vagina' in their advertising.

"Femfresh is one of the kindest ways to care for your va jay jay, kitty, nooni, lala, froo froo!" reads their Facebook page. "Whatever you call it, make sure you love it."

The campaign was accused of 'patronising' its target audience of adult women by opting to use the words 'lala' and 'froo froo' instead of 'vulva' or 'vagina'.

One Twitter user posted: "FemFresh have had a good old dissing on their FB page. About time. IT'S A VAGINA AND WE ARE WOMEN NOT CHILDREN."

"This campaign is vile," posted one Facebook user.

"Just a short note to tell all recent posters that we have seen your comments and we will be getting back to you. Whilst we welcome debate, please can we ask that you don’t post anything abusive or use bad language as this contravenes our policies and we will have to delete the posts. Thank you"

Rather than appeasing the situation, their threats to delete posts only added more fuel to the fire and prompted the following responses:

"I agree about the bad language - using words like 'la la', 'froo froo' and 'hoo-haa is really awful use of the English language, particularly when perfectly acceptable terms such as 'vagina' or 'vulva' already exist."

"I'm really sad that you don't see how abusive it is to put up ads informing me that not only should I infantilise my genitalia but I should also be ashamed of their natural (and lets face it quite attractive) smell. Unfortunately it's probably a bit difficult for us to remove your ads but perhaps you would consider doing so. thanks

PS I'm assuming you realise that the word vagina isn't offensive. Just checkin"

What do you think of the uproar - is it justified or unnecessary?