A staggering 80% of women cannot accurately label the vulva on an anatomical drawing. Can you?
Ever wondered if your discharge is 'normal'? Step inside the Discharge Gallery.
The shame was bad enough without all the physical discomfort that went along with having a vulva with lips large enough that they rubbed against my thighs.
A Facebook post is reminding women that vulvas come in all sizes, shapes, and smells.
Vulva is only a “stuffy” or “anatomical” word because that is where it has been kept, shuttered away and muffled by a thick slathering of shame and oppression around female sexuality.
To reclaim the part of my body that almost killed me and that had been so medicalised for so long – to choose to do something really deliberate and out there – was a way to take back control.
More than 200 girls under 18 had 'designer vagina' surgery in 2015 - 2016.