23/06/2012 15:25 BST

Jimmy Carr's Tax Avoidance Saga Continues With Gig Heckles And Father's Accusations

Comedian Jimmy Carr faces a long road back to normality as his tax avoidance scandal carried on after he was heckled at a gig and his father accused his son of "financially betraying" him.

Carr, who earlier this week apologised after he was exposed to have cut his income tax dramatically through a Jersey-based tax scheme, was jokingly branded a "tax dodger" by a member of the audience in Stockport on Friday night.

"I've got to take that, I'm afraid. I've been dishing it out for years," he said in response. The comedian opened the show by saying: "The thing I wanted to say right at the top of the gig was I've been in the papers all week."

"It obviously produces gags, that's my job. But how about I just do a show for you. What do you think?"

Carr, pictured here with his partner Karoline Copping, has faced criticism from all angles this week for his role in the K2 tax avoidance scheme

He proceeded to deliver his show as usual, with self-deprecating references to his difficult week, which were reported to have been taken very well by the supportive crowd.

Carr was earlier this week criticised by the prime minister, David Cameron. The PM said Carr's tax arrangements were "morally wrong."

However, on Saturday, Carr's father, Jim, accused the 39-year-old of "financially betraying him" in the article written for the Daily Mail.

Jim, an accountant, wrote that he always told his son to avoid such schemes, particularly as he began his rise to fame as a comedian nearly ten years ago.

Carr's busy week included launching a new brand of coffee at a branch of Starbucks

"I supported him financially, too, well into his 30s, enabling him to live rent-free in the family home and paying for all his expenses: his bills, petrol, even his food," he wrote.

Carr's father, who is also estranged from his other two sons Colin, 42, and 25-year-old Patrick, lamented that "I can only look on helplessly from the sidelines, knowing that any attempt I make to reach out to him will be rebuffed."

"None of that money has ever been repaid, despite his vast millions, and this week I have had cause to reflect wryly to myself on the way the structure of Jimmy’s K2 tax arrangement also appears to be based on loans that will never be repaid."

Carr and his brothers famously took their father to court for harassment who, after the trial collapsed, countersued them, claiming "substantial damages" from both.