tax avoidance

For governments every scrap of revenue is critical, which makes losing between $500bn and $600bn a year to corporate tax dodging hard to stomach, writes Peter Marshall.
The Paradise Papers will hopefully lead to Government and international concerted collective government action to close tax havens and tax avoidance routes but meanwhile, as purchasers of services and goods, the public sector should act. And as regards fundraising, so should charities.
Since the Paradise Papers busted open again the scale of offshore tax avoidance available to the super-rich but not to you and me, one thing has really troubled me. Why have so many shrugged their shoulders at this and seemed to imply that it is fine that the super-rich dodge their taxes using fancy schemes while you and me pay more to fund our schools and hospitals, or receive less well-funded services?
Two things are certain in life: death and taxes. But there is also a third: big money and football are wildly, madly in love
The Prime Minister may think that her belated protestations to clamp down on tax avoidance make her appear tough but invariably they prove quite the opposite. Tory tough talk is in inverse proportion to their action. It was ever thus with the Tories as far as tax avoidance measures are concerned. The Paradise Papers reveal further how weak and ineffective the Tories are when it comes to tackling tax avoidance.
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