Fatigue: How To Stay Awake And Tackle Exhaustion (PICTURES)

Struggling To Stay Awake? Fatigue-Fighting Tips

While we all feel tired from time to time, if your feelings of fatigue are too overwhelming to ignore, have you thought about what could be causing it?

Huffpost Lifestyle explores the reasons we can't keep our eyes open.

Lack Of Sleep

According to the Mental Health Foundation, nearly a third of Brits suffer from insomnia - and those are just the people who are desperate enough to speak to their GP. As a result, over 10m sleeping pills are prescribed to knackered Brits each year.

"Lack of sleep can lead to low energy and concentration levels, depression, immune deficiency, relationship problems, weight gain, as the mind tries to boost energy by making us eat more, and even serious medical problems such as heart disease," cognitive hypnotherapist Lesley McCall told HuffPost Lifestyle.

Top tips on beating insomnia (PICTURES)

10 Ways To Beat Insomnia

10 Ways To Beat Insomnia


Experts say that particular foods that are great fatigue-fighters.

Have you tried these?


Eat a handful of pumpkin seeds to boost energy levels and fight fatigue.


If your digestive system slows down, it can make you feel tired. Fight this by adding probiotics to your diet. Eat natural yoghurts containing ‘good bacteria’ to improve gut health.

Whole grains

Refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, can cause spikes in your blood sugar levels. Think about switching to whole grains (such as a high fibre bran cereal) where possible.

Still tired? Follow these simple tips on how to fight fatigue...

How To Fight Fatigue

How To Fight Fatigue