chronic fatigue

"I often feel like a 100-year-old trapped inside a young person’s body."
Like Victorian women being branded 'hysterical', women like my best friend are being silenced
Did you know.... 10% of women worldwide suffer from Endometriosis? That's a shocking 176 million. Yet, despite this, very
"Evidence against the ridiculous concept that the disease is psychological in origin.”
Scientists have discovered “further evidence” that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not psychological and could actually be caused
I write none of this for sympathy, I'm better than ok, I have done a HUGE amount of work around all of this and it led me to my career change and actually it's led me back to myself, for which I am deeply grateful.
In true British fashion usually 'I don't like to make a fuss'. Nothing kills a conversation quicker than when you respond to 'how are you' with 'physically and emotionally drained due to my chronic illness'.
Imagine being told with utter conviction from a stranger that what you had - whether it's an illness, the ability to recite the seven times table, or an actual living entity like a cat in your arms - wasn't actually real, and all because they once read an uninformed piece about it in a tabloid paper.
The frequency of brain fog and general lethargy has made the task of writing this feature an arduous one, so on this occasion you will have to absorb my story from my video tale. Rather than a finely-tuned scripted speech, I decided to just press record and see what came out on the subject.
If you sleep for eight hours a night, yet never feel rested and are constantly tired, irritable and unmotivated, these could