Twitter Jokes Of The Week: Week 26 (Of 52)

Twitter Jokes Of The Week

Like the Olympic torch on its relay, the title of The Most Unpopular Man In Britain passed this week from Jimmy Carr to Ashley Cole... and then to David Cameron, and then to George Osborne (through the medium of Chloe Smith), before resting finally with Bob Diamond. The Most Unpopular Man as far as the Olympic Team GB selectors were concerned, however, turned out to be David Beckham. Who knew?!

And like Olympic torchbearers ourselves - with the torch looking less like an oversized brandy snap and more like a big smile - it is our duty, we feel, to pass on some of the jokes and funny tweets that made us giggle this week.

So from the topical to the whimsical, here's our round-up of week 26's Twitter funnies. That's right - we made the halfway mark! But remember: life is a marathon, not a sprint. As Mr and Mrs Radcliffe used to say to their young daughter Paula.


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