How The Face Forms In The Womb: Time Lapse Animation Reveals Embryo's Development (VIDEO)

Looking like the gently pulsing contents of a lava lamp or the various angles of an ancient gargoyle, this video actually shows the development of a child's face whilst in the womb.

The eerie clip is based on embryo scans taken during the first trimester of pregnancy and will feature in an upcoming episode of the BBC series Inside the Human Body.

The BBC’s Michael Mosley told ABC News: “The three main sections of the puzzle meet in the middle of your top lip, creating the groove that is your philtrum.”

If these plates fail to fuse, the embryo could be left with a cleft palate, while a smooth philtrum can indicate fetal alcohol syndrome.

Graphics researcher David Barker told New Scientist: “It was a nightmare for structures like the nose and palate, which didn’t exist for most of the animation.

As the publication points out, your face wasn't always so pretty.

The episode will be shown on July 16.