I thought my friend was being neurotic last month when she texted me: “I’m going to move half my eggs to Reno, you should, too.”
'Do you realise I'm only 25? This embryo and I could have been best friends.'
Age really is just a number for Emma Wren Gibson. She was born on 25 November 2017, but from an embryo that was frozen on
With the 40-year anniversary of the first successful IVF treatment approaching (10th November), I thought it would be a fitting time for me to share some insight and advice on the topic of IVF - to help provide some clarity for those who may be considering the treatment...
'A unique opportunity to gain understanding of our own development.'
Human embryos have been kept alive in the lab for a record breaking 13 days - giving scientists new insight into the early
Creating designer babies is just "responsible parenting", a leading academic has argued. Julian Savulescu, professor in practical
Looking like the gently pulsing contents of a lava lamp or the various angles of an ancient gargoyle, this video actually
Scientists have created a new way of processing embryos during IVF treatment by ‘mimicking’ the warm temperatures found within
Fertility experts are appealing for a U-turn in the current rules against multiple embryo IVF implantations, after a new