O2 Twitter Account Takes Lighthearted Approach To Network Problems

O2 Make Light Of Network Problems On Twitter

As O2 customers struggled to adapt to life without their mobile phones, the O2 Twitter account appeared to make light of the situation.

Hundreds of thousands of O2 customers were unable to use their mobile phones after the operator's network crashed on Wednesday.

A selection of O2's 23million customers took to Twitter to express their dismay. Some became abusive, hurling insults and using expletives.

The individual(s) behind the O2 official Twitter account have been responding to many tweets, either with advice or quick-witted responses to mindless insults.

As a 'quick fix' customers have been advised to be to turn off 3G - at which point voice and text messaging service returns.

At 8.00am on Thursday O2 said it had restored its 2G service and said most customers would have 3G access by "this afternoon":

See O2's Twitter response

O2 Twitter Response


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