16/07/2012 12:43 BST | Updated 18/07/2012 05:42 BST

Olympics 2012: How To Convince Boss You Should Work From Home

The Olympic transport misery that everyone's been predicting is on finally on its way.

Athletes began pouring into the Olympic village today, according to the BBC, bringing not only supreme levels of personal talent and fitness, but congestion that'll take your breath away.

According to the editor of Real Business magazine, Vanessa Zainzinger, if London commuters haven't had time to make alternative arrangements, now is the time to start talking 'flexible working'.

olympics work from home

"Working from home has rarely been more desirable than it is this summer. It's also, thanks to the glorious advances in telecommuting technology, never been easier," she tells Huffpost Lifestyle.

But how can you persuade your oh-so British boss, who equates time spent in the office with productivity, that you won't spend your days enjoying the synchronised swimming?

"For many commuters who waste time squeezing themselves through a sea of wet umbrellas, only to be greeted by a 20-minute delay due to another signal failure, it could be time to start working smarter," says Zainzinger.

"There are plenty of modern, perfectly justifiable reasons to take your work home. It's just a question of challenging your manager and telling them a few home truths."

Here are Vanessa Zainzinger's top ten ways to win the battle for flexible working...

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