Nazi Plot To Kill Winston Churchill Through Explosive Chocolate Bar

Nazi 'Death By Chocolate' Plot Against Churchill

A 1943 scheme by Nazi Germany to assassinate Winston Churchill through an explosive bar of chocolate has been uncovered nearly 70 years later in a secret letter from a wartime spymaster.

As discovered in a note from former MI5 spy Lord Victor Rothschild to the artist Laurence Fish, it was believed that Nazis devised bombs dressed up as chocolate, with a delay mechanism which would cause the bomb to explode as it was opened.

Fish was asked by Lord Rothschild to draw his impression of what such a package may look like based on its few known features.

Lord Rothschild's letter in full

"When you break off a piece of chocolate at one end in the normal way, instead of it falling away, a piece of canvas is revealed stuck into the middle of the piece which has been broken off and a ticking into the middle of the remainder of the slab," Rothschild explained.

Rothschild added that the chocolate was supposedly packaged as Peter's chocolate.

The letter was discovered by Jean Bray, Fish's widow, who was sorting through his possessions ahead of writing a book on his life.

Needless to say, the plot was foiled before it had a chance to bring the legendary politician to a sticky end.


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