Second World War

The West is currently working to verify new claims chemical weapons were used on the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol.
Alexander Gauland, lead candidate for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), recently said that Germans have the right to be proud of the achievements of German soldiers in both World Wars. As a German who has lived in England for the past eight years and will return home right after the 24 September election, I am deeply unsettled by this assertion.
The historical record shows us that when faced with European economic and political exclusion Britons have tried to achieve their political and economic security through overseas, primarily, transatlantic connections. When we consider recent events in Europe and Europe's near abroad, it is again to those connections that Britain is likely to turn for peace and prosperity.
As the exhibition progresses there is more, not less colour and the styles become extraordinarily varied and the designs so inventive. There is a knicker and bra set made out of an RAF silk map for Lady Patricia Mountbatten and several example of Make-Do and Mend dresses, housecoats and even a long dress made from scarves.
The truth is the bombs didn't just drop from the sky - they were dropped by the United States on civilian populations. And the reality is that - contrary to conventional wisdom about the bombing - they were not necessary to bring about an end to the war. It is a recognition of this truth that is most essential. It is essential even beyond an apology, but it is what makes an apology necessary. The 'necessity of the bombing to end the war' is the foundational falsehood of the nuclear age, and it needs to be exposed and finally laid to rest.
When I set out to write a history of the activities of the Women's Institute of England and Wales in 2009 I had no inkling that it would lead to a full-blown television drama series. I am a historian, so the suggestion that a village women's institute might be a potential seed of an idea for a drama came not from me but from the brilliant mind of Home Fires' creator and writer, Simon Block.
Two British schoolchildren accused of stealing items from Auschwitz will stand trial, it has been announced. Two teenagers
Britain’s bombing of Dresden near the end of the Second World War was proof that civilian targets “were never a good idea
As I preach on those words this weekend in a parish in inner-city Portsmouth I shall pray with thanksgiving for the victims of oppression and hatred and for strength myself to speak and act for justice and good.
A 91-year-old woman has been charged with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder over allegations she was part of the Nazi